Experience The Galaxxy is a weekly talk show hosted by former boxing world champion Nate Campbell. Nate brings his brash, no hold's barred style talk to the world wide web. he takes on politics from his unique point of view. raised in the south as an african american man nate overcame the odds to become a three belt world boxing champion. along the way he saw injustice and in the great american tradItion he exercises his first amendment rights like no other athlete.

Experience the galaxxy is  the only online talk show host TO broadcast live on all four major platforms at the same time:  Ustream.tv, Periscope, Youtube and Facebook Live.


Nate interaCts with his viewers like no other accepting live video skype calls, live telephone calls, chatroom e-mail and tweets, all live -every friday night at 7 pm et.


pick up the feed on your mobile tablet pc mac or i-phone

by going to www.experiencethegalaxxy.com, ldltv.com

or on the LDLTV Live Youtube page plus pick up the feed on twiiter using periscope or go to NateCampbell's facebook page.


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